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Can You Stand Up In A Ford Transit Connect?

White Ford Transit Connect van in parking lot

Camping is one of the top recreational activities in the US. Vans are very popular and commonly used for that purpose. Vans that you can stand up in are a good choice when selecting your camping vehicle. The Ford Transit Connect is one of the vans that people consider, but you may be wondering if you will be able to stand up in it.

You cannot stand up in a Ford Transit Connect. The short-wheelbase cargo van has a 49.7-inch inside height, and the long wheelbase has a height of 49.8 inches. The passenger wagon has 43.3 inches of interior height. So, unless you are under 4 feet, you will not be able to stand.

If you are considering the Ford Transit Connect, what are your options? Will it meet your needs? So what are the benefits of the Ford Transit Connect for camping? In this post, we will discuss the Ford Transit Connect in more detail.

Ford Transit Connect – Is it Right for You?

The Ford Transit Connect is a small, nimble van. It provides an excellent ride and is easy to maneuver in tight places, making it the perfect vehicle for a daily commuter.

In addition to hauling purchases home from the home improvement store, the Connect can transport large families and groups of people. Additionally, it is a good vehicle for camping, even though the Ford Connect doesn’t have enough height to allow you to stand.

Model Maximum Height
Cargo Van – Short Wheel Base 49.7 inches
Cargo Van – Long Wheel Base 49.8 inches
Passenger Wagon – Long Wheel Base 43.3 inches

But even though the Ford Transit Connect lacks room to stand in, it will make a serviceable camping vehicle. As the following table shows, it is long enough for most people to stretch out and sleep.

Model Floor Cargo Length
Cargo Van – Short Wheel Base 71.9 inches
Cargo Van – Long Wheel Base 87.6 inches
Passenger Wagon – Long Wheel Base 85.6 inches

If you want to learn about vans that you can stand in, we have a post to give you all of the details.

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Connect Camping Options

Though the Ford Transit Connect is small, specialized companies provide conversion kits to get them ready to hit the road.

One such company is Contravans, a Colorado-based company specializing in options to turn your small van into a home away from home. Their conversion will enable you to add a bed, storage, tables, and more to make your Transit Connect (available only for the long wheelbase) livable on the road. Their options start as low as $8,998.

Van with rear doors open showing sink and bed
Inside view of conversion van
Interior view of conversion van's bed and kitchen area

Space is a valuable commodity in a van, regardless of size. Of course, you wouldn’t think you would be able to do much with a small van, but Contravans has all the wrinkles ironed out; in addition to the above options, you can have a sink, cookstove, vent, solar panels, an awning or even a sun-powered shower!

To get a conversion for your van, contact them, and tell them what you want; they’ll give you a price and a 50% downpayment will get you on their schedule. Then, when the components are ready, take your van to Denver, and they will install it, and you can be on the road!

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, you can camp outside of the van. The Connect allows you plenty of room to haul all of your equipment to your camping destination, so tents, coolers, camp stoves, and fishing equipment all fit nicely into the van.

If you don’t want to tent on the ground, add a rooftop tent to give you more room.

Our first camping van was a Ford Transit Connect cargo van; we used it for one year and then opted to go with a taller one that we could actually stand in.

Though we traded it in, we still miss it; it was comfortable to ride in, got good gas mileage, and when we finished out the cargo space with sheep wool insulation and panels, it rode nice and quiet, and you didn’t hear road noise.

What are your other Ford choices if you have decided that the Transit Connect might be too small for you? If you have your heart set on a Ford van that you can stand in, consider the Ford Transit. The low roof is still probably not going to give you the headroom you are looking for to stand comfortably, but the medium or high roof models will meet your needs at 67.6 and 77 inches, respectively.

Even though you can’t stand in the Ford Transit Connect, it is still a viable camping option for a single camper or even a couple. And there is enough room inside for all the necessities you will need for a comfortable week of camping.

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