The Gear We Use

Camping provides an opportunity to spend some relaxing time in nature and having the appropriate supplies and equipment can make a huge difference in your overall enjoyment.

We have spent numerous hours researching and using various camping gear, some good – some not so good. Our goal here is to list the products we use and recommend from our camping experience.

These items were not selected by price alone, while price is a factor when making a purchase, we also considered quality, durability, usefulness and how well it serves the camping needs. This is the gear we use.

Yeti cooler on picnic table

Why We Bought a Yeti Cooler

I thought picking a cooler would be a really simple process and for some people it probably is. They do a quick survey of what’s available on the shelf, make a fast decision and buy one. I however wanted to do some research before purchasing a cooler to be sure it met our camping needs… more

Woman with binoculars

Our Favorite Van Camping Binoculars

Let’s face it, purchasing a new pair of binoculars isn’t something that you do every year. In my case, it isn’t even every few years, the last pair of binoculars I bought was probably five-plus years ago. They were a pair of 10x50s and over the years, they have become a bit tattered….more

Cooking with pie irons

What is the BEST Cast Iron Campfire Sandwich Maker?

For as long as I can remember, using a pie iron has been a part of my family’s campfire experience. Just like going into the woods and finding the perfect stick to roast your hot dogs and toast marshmallows on…more