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What Are The Largest Tires For A Ram ProMaster?

Close up of Ram Promaster tire

The Ram ProMaster is one of the most popular vans for camping, traveling, and small businesses. The large interior has more than enough room for everything that you need to carry. It has sturdy, well-built construction, with plenty of power, torque, and towing capacity to get those tough jobs done.

So, what are the largest tires for a Ram ProMaster? The ProMaster comes with factory-installed LT225/75R16 tires and is the largest tire that will fit the van without any minor alternations or significant vehicle modification.

Nonetheless, some ProMaster owners choose to install a set of LT245/75R16 tires. However, that usually requires some minor alternation to the metal and plastic on the front of the rear wheel well.

I spent a lot of time searching online-forums and YouTube videos for a definitive answer on installing the larger LT245/75R16 tires. Most ProMaster owners say they needed to make small modifications on the rear because the tire was too close.

The photo below shows the stock LT225/75R16 tires on our ProMaster 1500; it has less than 1-inch of room available to install over-sized tires. The stock LT225/75R16 tire has an overall diameter of 29.3-inches, and the diameter of the LT245/75R16 tire is 30.5-inches.

Tape measure showing tire clearance distance

If you’re not too familiar with tires sizes and numbers or what they indicate, then head down to the next section for more information. You’ll also be able to find out a few tire repair tips and price estimates.

Heavy-Duty Tires For Ram ProMaster

ProMasters are much bigger than the average vehicle. They are considerably higher than minivans and low-top cargo vans, which is one of the reasons that they’re so popular in the van camping community. A vehicle designed to carry heavy loads, such as the Ram ProMaster, requires equally heavy-duty tires.

The tires that come on the Ram ProMaster are LT225/75R16’s. Those ‘numbers and letters’ might seem a little bit confusing, but there’s a logical explanation behind the characters.

The LT means “light truck,” and the tires are specifically designed for use on vehicles carrying heavy loads, such as vehicles that have a 3/4 to 1-ton load capacity or tow a trailer.

Even if you’re not planning on pulling anything or loading your van to its capacity, you should still consider purchasing LT tires. Bed frames, cabinets, and other items inside end up weighing quite a bit.

Some dealers advise against installing non-LT tires on ProMasters and similar sized vans. If you decide to put non-LT tires on anyway, you might run into problems later on. Because the gross vehicle weight of a ProMaster is too much for regular tires. Most non-LT tire load ratings are not high enough for the vehicle’s GVRW.

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Van Camping Life Tip: Do you know what gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) means? This is used to describe the total weight of your camper van, including contents and passengers.

The next number, which is 225 indicates the width of the tire in millimeters. For example, LT225/75R16’s have a width of 225 millimeters. Having wider tires often gives better handling, acceleration, and braking. However, they cost a tad more than thinner tires.

So, what does the next part mean? The 75 is the aspect ratio and refers to the sidewall height. It means that the tire’s height is 75% of the tire width section. The greater the aspect ratio number, the higher the tire’s sidewall will be.

Infographic of tire numbers and letters

The R indicates that it’s a radial tire. Radial tires grip the road better, provide better gas mileage, and are more durable than earlier tires. Contained within the casing are layers of cords that are at right angles to the tire’s rotational direction. The majority of tires purchased today are radials.

The 16 specifies the rim size in inches. It’s important to know your vehicle’s rim size. After all, you couldn’t fit a tire made for 20-inch rims on a 16-inch rim or vice versa.

How Much Do ProMaster Tires Cost?

The price of a tire ranges drastically. You could get lower-quality tires that match the size you need for around $105 apiece, but they might not last as long. It all depends on the brands you’re buying, and the garage that’s installing them.

You could also install the tires yourself to cut down on the cost a bit. But that’s only an option if you have the proper equipment for mounting, balancing, and installing or have a buddy who does.

A good quality high-end LT225/75R16 can cost upwards of $210 per tire. At that price, you can easily spend up to $840 for a full set, which may not include the installation costs. Keep in mind that you’ll be getting the best of the best, and they’re likely to come with a decent warranty. Always make sure that a warranty is part of the installation package.

At the lower end of the range, the same size tires can be as low as $78 apiece. You’ll end up spending much less, under $320 for a full set, not counting installation costs. Unfortunately, these lower-quality types of tires generally wear down quicker, and they usually don’t have much of a warranty.

It’s safe to say, on average, a good quality ProMaster tire costs about $130 to $180 each depending on where you purchase them. Getting a full set of tires equates to $520 to $720, add in any installation costs, and you’ll quickly find they’re certainly not cheap. However, with proper care, the right tire pressure and rotation, you should get several years of use out of them.

You can also buy used or retreaded tires to cut the price sometimes as much as in half. Sometimes people buy tires that are the wrong size and end up reselling them for a reasonable price. If your budget is limited, these are the types of deals that you should keep an eye out for.

Be Prepared For A Flat Tire

No one wants to have a flat tire, but sooner or later, you’ll probably have to deal with one. It seems like some people have more than their share of flat tires. When that happens, especially if you’re on the road, it’s a good idea to be prepared.

Tires become flat for a myriad of reasons, from a leaky valve stem to outright vandalism. When that unfortunate day comes, and you find yourself with a flat tire, you have a few options.

Spare tire

First, you can jack up your vehicle and swap the flat out for the spare. If you have never changed a flat tire before, here’s a video that will demonstrate the proper way to change a flat tire.

Once you’re familiar with the procedure, you won’t be so stressed out if you find yourself on the shoulder of a crowded highway with cars speeding by trying to change that flat.

Repair kit and air compressor

If the tire has a puncture, you can use this tire repair kit to repair it. It comes with a pair of pliers to remove the offending nail from your tire, a spiral reaming tool to ream the hole out bigger, tire plugs to insert into the puncture hole with the plugging tool, and a knife to trim the excess plug material.

After you have the tire plugged, you need to pump air back into the tire to finish the repair, this portable 12-volt air compressor will do just that. This small air compressor hooks up to your vehicle battery. It has a 16-foot air hose, a 10-foot power cord, and a tire pressure gauge on top.

Van Camping Life Tip: Best practice is to carry a full-size spare to use in case of a flat tire. Regularly check the air pressure to make sure it is at the recommended pressure.


Ram ProMasters are built to carry heavy cargo, which means they require heavy-duty tires. Whether you’re buying them for the off-road capabilities, towing durability, or for appearance, getting a good set of tires for your ProMaster is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the article:

  • LT225/75R16’s are the biggest tires for ProMasters.
  • Prices range from $78 to $210 per tire.
  • How to change a ProMaster flat tire.
  • Tools needed to repair a punctured tire.
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