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RVs Built On A RAM ProMaster Chassis

Ram ProMaster high-top van front end

Few things beat the thrill of heading out on the road. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway vehicle or craving the full-time nomadic lifestyle, it’s essential to evaluate your options to find the right RV for you.

There is a wide range of RV manufacturers, models, and options that begin with a RAM ProMaster chassis. Overall, the RAM ProMaster chassis brings excellent value compared to more expensive manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz.

Continue reading for a detailed comparison of some of the most popular RAM ProMaster models available on the market.

The RAM ProMaster

Before we get into all the various available models, it’s important to share a little information about the RAM ProMaster that will apply to most of the vehicles listed in this post.

First, RAM is a vehicle brand that was a subsidiary of Chrysler. In 2009, the company decided to split up the Dodge brand. Before the reorganization, Dodge built a wide range of vehicles, including cars, vans, and trucks.

The RAM brand was born and now focuses entirely on trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. This division gave them the ability to specialize and focus on building some of the best models in the industry. In 2014 the brand became part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group, and in 2021 they merged with Groupe PSA and are now know as Stellantis.

The ProMaster is a line of vans that are used for a variety of work and leisure purposes. This chassis has become a popular foundation for many camper van models. There are a few variations of the ProMaster chassis. The most commonly used in camper vans is the 3500 extended van, although there are a few options listed below that use that slightly smaller 3500 non-extended vans.

The only difference between the two is that the 3500 extended chassis is about a foot longer. And one even uses the 1500 model. The chassis features a 3.6L V6 engine with 280 horsepower. All models listed below are FWD (front-wheel drive).

If you are looking for various class B options, you might start your search with the RoadTrek line. RoadTrek has multiple models available on a RAM ProMaster 3500 extended chassis. Depending on your needs, they will likely have a model that is right for you.

RoadTrek Play

Roadtrek Play kitchen area

The RoadTrek Play is perfect if you are looking for an entry-level camper van with a lower starting price point than most models on the market while packing in most of the conveniences and features that you would expect in a sophisticated camper van.

The Play seats four people while driving and sleeps two comfortably at night. Standard configurations come with a choice of two twin-size beds or one king-size bed. It is possible to order the Play with an optional fold-out bed that fits over the two front seats increasing your sleeping capacity to three people. This additional bed which is slightly smaller than the other beds would be great for a child.

The interior floor plan is simple but comes with all the key amenities you would expect to see in a fully equipped camper van. Features include a fully equipped kitchen (stove, refrigerator, and microwave), interior bathroom, outdoor shower, bench seating at the rear that converts into beds, and plenty of cabinets and storage.

The van has a small table that you can lock in between the bench seating to create a comfortable area to play card games with the family. You can also move the table to the front of the vehicle and swivel the front seats to form a two-person dining area. If the weather is accommodating, you can enjoy the outdoor space with a 13′ retractable awning.

Get started with your new ‘van life’ with the RoadTrek Play.

RoadTrek Zion

Inside of a Zion camper

The RoadTrek Zion is a step up from the RoadTrek Play. The exterior dimensions are the same, but the interior configuration comes with some added benefits.

The RoadTrek Zion has a seating capacity of five people. Just like the Play, this van sleeps three people with the optional fold-out mattress for the front seats.

Instead of basic benches like the Play, the Zion has a higher-backed sofa. You have a couple of different seating configurations to choose from, and the interior finishes are higher-end than with the Play. The van can be ordered with two sofas facing each other or a single forward-facing sofa with two smaller seats. The powered sofas easily transform into a king-size bed with the push of a button.

One of the unique things about the Zion is its open concept. The interior furniture and components configure in a way that allows for open space for bikes or kayaks on the road. You can also select the optional Thule® accessory package that comes with a bike rack, roof rack, and telescopic ladder for additional storage.

This model is also energy efficient and comes standard with 330-watt solar panels.

Find more information on the RoadTrek Zion here.

RoadTrek Zion Slumber

Roadtrek Zion seating and sleeping area

The RoadTrek Zion Slumber is an excellent option for a small family or couples traveling together with an additional pop-up sleeping area. Even without the extra guests, the pop-up sleeping area is a great way to gain some additional living space.

The Zion Slumber seats five passengers and has a sleeping capacity of five people with the smaller optional fold-out mattress over the front seats. The pop-up sleeping area can be easily accessed with an interior ladder and is equipped with lighting and outlets for charging mobile devices.

The Zion Slumber has the exact same floor plan as the Zion except for the pop-up sleeping area.

Check out RoadTrek’s website to find out if the Zion Slumber is perfect for your family.

Check out these five items to help you have a better camping experience:

RoadTrek Zion SRT

Roadtrek Zion swivel chairs

If you are concerned about driving a large vehicle, the RoadTrek Zion SRT is a slightly smaller version of the standard RoadTrek Zion (built on the 3500 non-extended chassis). With the same 3.6L V6 engine as the other larger models, this one is sure to have a bit more power at the wheels.

The RoadTrek Zion SRT seats five passengers and sleeps three (with the optional fold-out mattress over the front seats). Because of its smaller size, the primary bed is a queen size versus the king size in all the other RoadTrek models.

The Zion SRT has only one floor plan option. The daytime configuration of the sleeping area features a forward-facing power-operated sofa that converts into the bed with ease.

In addition to the shorter body style, the Zion SRT allows for a slightly larger refrigerator/freezer combo and 300 watts of solar power.

The RoadTrek Zion SRT is an excellent fit if you are looking for a slightly smaller vehicle.

RoadTrek Chase

Roadtrek Chase camper van kitchen area

The RoadTrek Chase is a perfect blend of the budget-friendly and higher-end versions of the RAM ProMaster RVs available from RoadTrek.

This model seats four passengers and sleeps three (with the optional fold-out mattress for the front seats).

The floor plan is nearly identical to the RoadTrek Play. The interior space features two simple benches in the back for seating.

The Chase brings additional comfort with the Froli Sleep System. This state-of-the-art spring and mattress system allows for extra sleeping comfort. This feature is excellent for those who have difficulty sleeping on the road.

Visit RoadTrek’s website for more information on the Chase.

Other Posts of Interest

Thor Motor Coach offers two RAM ProMaster 3500 models – the Sequence and Tellaro. Both come in three very different configurations that are appealing to a wide range of people. The van features a fuel-efficient yet powerful, 3.6-liter V-6 engine with 280 horsepower. These vans are very maneuverable and have a tight 36-foot turning diameter making it easy to get in and out of tight spaces.

Both models come standard with an equipment package from Thule® that features a bike rack, roof ladder, roof rack, and power-retractable awning.

Thor Motor Coach camper vans are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Rapid Camp+® Control System, which can control the AC, lighting, tank heater, and more through the in-the van console or mobile app. Winegard® ConnecT™ 2.0, which provides a 4G hotspot, WiFi, and TV antenna.

Thor Sequence

Thor Sequence work area

The Thor Sequence comes in three floor plan options – Sequence 20A, 20L, and 20K. Each floor plan has different advantages and disadvantages.

The Sequence 20A floor plan features a queen-size pull-out bed in the back. The kitchen and bathroom are toward the middle, and a unique feature is a small dinette seating arrangement. This feature is an excellent setup for people looking to work from the road and have a comfortable place to set up a laptop.

The Sequence 20K floor plan has a larger wet bathroom at the back of the van. The rear doors open for easy access and cleaning but can also be accessed from the inside. The area directly behind the front seats is set up like a small living room with an expandable sofa sleeper front and center. When expanded, the sofa sleeper is about the size of a full-size mattress. This model also has a larger refrigerator for storing more groceries.

The Sequence 20L floor plan also has the same larger wet bath at the back of the vehicle. The bench seating is on either side of the center walkway and converts into a large king-size bed.

If you are looking for options, the Thor Sequence may have precisely the features that you need.

Thor Tellaro

Thor Tellaro interior

The Thor Tellaro is very similar to the Sequence except for two differences. While the floor plans are the same between both models, the interior finishes are different, so you may prefer one plan over the other, depending on your style.

The Tellaro also features a pop-up sleeping area that comes standard with all the floor plans. The pop-up is a great additional feature if you are traveling with a small family or need room for a couple of guests.

Take your family on a new adventure with the Thor Tellaro.

Pleasure-Way Lexor FL and TS

Pleasure Way Lexor kitchen area

Pleasure-Way has two camper van models on a RAM ProMaster 3500 chassis – the Lexor FL and Lexor TS. Both have a seating capacity of four people with sleeping room for two people. The Lexor FL and Lexor TS floor plans are nearly identical, with just a few minor differences. The FL comes with some added features not available on the TS.

The technology package features two 7″ touch screen control panels to monitor and control all of the vehicle systems. Just because you are traveling on the road doesn’t mean you have to go without entertainment. With a 24″ TV with a premium Bose® soundbar and Blu-ray™ player, you can plan a movie night right from your camping spot.

The kitchen comes fully equipped with a convenient refrigerator/freezer combo, stove, and microwave. The stainless-steel farm-style sink is one of the largest on the market, with Corian® countertops throughout.

The kitchen area is positioned in a way that allows it to open up into your outdoor patio space featuring a Fiamma® power awning with LED lighting to continue the party after the sun goes down.

The kitchen area is slightly larger in the FL model because of its expanded countertops. You also have additional dining options in the FL with a second mount up front for the Lagun table. Because of this extra dining option, the FL allows you to leave the bed made up all day while still having a place to eat.

The FL model has a small workstation behind the driver seat. This setup is an excellent feature for people who need to work from the road. With the desk folded down, you also get a little more room to recline the driver’s seat for additional comfort.

For more information, check out Pleasure-Way’s manual for details on both the Lexor FL and Lexor TS.

Pleasure-Way Tofino

Pleasure Way Tofino sleeping area

The Pleasure-Way Tofino is another great entry-level Class B camper van. Not only is it one of the less costly on the market, but it is also the smallest. It is built on a RAM ProMaster 1500 chassis, and it is nearly three feet shorter than most other ProMaster 3500 models. Despite its size, it packs the same powerful 3.6L V6 engine as the larger models.

This van is a hauling machine featuring 70 cubic feet of storage space in the back for all of your outdoor adventure gear and supplies. The option roof rack provides additional space that is perfect for storage of your kayaks or paddleboards.

The Tofino has a folding sofa bed and a pop-up sleeping area. This feature allows you to have options when it comes to sleeping arrangements. You can also open this space up for guests who decide to join you on your adventure.

The pop-up has an extra-wide opening that also serves as additional headroom for taller people working in the kitchen area.

There is one significant thing to note with the Tofino. With the smaller interior, there wasn’t enough room to equip this vehicle with a bathroom. You’ll want to keep this in mind as you plan your trips if you want to have access to restroom facilities or a shower.

Check out Pleasure-Way’s website for more information on the Tofino.

Winnebago Solis

White Winnebago Solis

Nothing speaks louder than the quality that comes with the Winnebago name. The Winnebago Solis is packed with lots of awesome features such as premium finishes, high-quality insulation, and solar panels for grid-free energy collection.

The Solis 59P floor plan is full of well-designed features such as a large wet bathroom, raised floor with additional storage, and a dinette-style seating area. There is also a sizeable fold-out desk that is great for the nomadic worker.

The Solis sleeps up to four people. It has a unique Murphy bed system that folds up tight against the wall and allows for plenty of open storage space in the back. In addition to the Murphy bed, the van also has a pop-top sleeping area with a FROLI® Sleep System for additional comfort.

The Solis 59PX floor plan features a slightly longer length to allow for additional gear storage at the back of the vehicle. The Solis also has some other convenient features such as blindspot assist, power mirrors, Cummins Onan® gas generator, and fog lamps.

Check out Winnebago’s website for information on the Solis. They have a great comparison tool that lets you see the various models side-by-side.

Winnebago Travato

White Winnebago Travato

The Winnebago Travato is a versatile camper van with multiple floor plan options. It’s a fabulous all-weather vehicle with an extendable awning so you can enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice or even not so pleasant. It also has premium insulation and dual pane insulated acrylic windows throughout to retain heat and an Eco-Hot® water system to provide instant hot water.

You’ll sleep well with the innovative WinnSleep® system. The Travato 59G and 59GL have a wedge-shaped Murphy bed to allow room for a large walk-in bathroom. While the bathroom is larger than you’ll find on the Solis, the wedge-shaped bed could get a little cramped for two people as it is narrower toward the foot of the bed.

The Travato 59K and 59KL features two twin beds that you can push together to make one larger bed. All floorplans will sleep two people.

The Travato 59GL and 59KL models also have the Pure Advanced Energy System, which allows you to spend a longer amount of time off the grid with up to 12,800 watt-hours of power.

The Winnebago Travato may be just the RV you are searching for.

Coachmen Nova

Grey Coachmen Nova

The Coachman Nova brings some new features that aren’t available in other models, including wooden floors throughout, real hardwood cabinetry, and Rockwool R-15 insulation which is touted as one of the best available.

The Nova interior has a clean, modern design with high cabinets, plenty of lighting, and large windows to allow for incredible views of the outdoors. The sleeping area has two twin beds that also serve as a seating area. The large Lagun table is perfect for meals or game nights.

At the rear of the van is a very large wet bath with a flip-up sink that provides additional showering space. The bathroom comes complete with a spacious, hardwood wardrobe to store all your clothes.

The Nova also has two large pop-out windows on either side to allow for air circulation from outside. This option is a perfect feature for when you want to feel a cool breeze on a nice day. The expandable awning provides plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors as well.

The Coachmen Nova is a great option. Check out their website for additional information on features.

Entegra Coach Ethos

Brown Entegra Coach

The Entegra Coach Ethos is full of technology and other conveniences, including its unique E-Z Drive system that provides additional stability and comfort on the road. You’ll never have to worry about maneuvering safely with the advanced safety features on the Ethos, such as a backup camera and ParkSense® rear parking assist system.

The sleeping area has two twin-sized beds with adjustable headrests and under-bed storage. The Froli® sleep system will help you sleep more comfortably. The twin beds can be converted into a king-size bed.

There is a large wet bath at the rear of the vehicle that features an Aqua View Showermiser water management system to ensure that your water supply lasts.

The Thule® package comes standard and equipped with an armless exterior awning with LED lighting, a bike rack, and a roof rack.

Check out Entegra’s website for more information on the Ethos.

Fleetwood Irok

Light tan Fleetwood Irok

If you are looking for a dependable RV, Fleetwood has long been a camping favorite. And the Irok won’t disappoint. It surrounds you with luxury from the front to the back.

Dark tinted windows provide privacy when relaxing while watching TV at your favorite campground, with additional privacy panels for the front windows.

The kitchen has an induction cooktop, solid surface counters, a convection microwave, a 3.5 12v/110v fridge, which includes a freezer, and a sink to make preparing meals a breeze. The cabinets are finely crafted and provide ample storage.

Swiveling driver and passenger seats allows you to ride in comfort and make it easy to get to the back without any hassle.

A power awning and LED lights make enjoying the outdoors easy no matter what the weather. It even has an exterior shower. Screen doors for the side and rear are available as an option. The Irok is available with two floor plan options. Simply choose the plan that fits you the best.

To learn more about Fleetwood Irok check out their website.

Jayco Swift

Light brown Jayco Swift

One of the main features of the Jayco Swift is its unique JRide® system. This system includes Hellwig helper springs that balance and redistribute the weight of the van evenly and oversized stabilizer bars to help reduce sideways tilting when cornering.

The Swift comes in two main floor plans. The Swift 20T features a large wet bath at the rear and two twin-size beds with a spacious kitchen area.

The Swift 20A has four forward-facing seats to allow for comfort while on the road. The living space is a bit smaller with this configuration and features a wet bath (smaller than the 20T) and a pull-out sofa. The one plus to the 20A model is the larger countertops in the kitchen.

For added convenience and features, you can select the Customer Value Package, which comes with a Thule® package (awning, roof rack, ladder, and bike rack), Truma Combi Eco Plus water heater and furnace, Ultraleather® seating, and a Winegard® Connect 2.0 system to keep you connected on the road.

Jayco vehicles are extremely popular. Find out if the Jayco Swift is right for you.

Midwest Automotive Designs Legend

Midwest Automotive Designs class B camper van

If you are looking for a luxurious ride, the ProMaster Legend from Midwest Automotive Designs may be the right choice for you. Midwest Automotive Designs specializes in the conversion of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans and brings the same level of quality and detail to the RAM ProMaster Legend model. The interior is finished with high-quality leather, genuine wood accents, custom Maybach seating.

This model sleeps two people on the power sofa that converts to a bed. The interior space has lots of overhead storage space.

You will find pleasant surprises throughout the van, such as solid surface countertops in both the kitchen area and bathroom, a retractable clothesline, and even a porcelain toilet. These luxuries will make you feel more at home than in another model.

Besides the higher-end finishes, you can also find access to technology everywhere, including satellite radio, in-dash navigation, an LED TV with BlueRay player, upgraded speakers, backup camera, and WiFi hookups.

If you are looking to ride in style, look no further than the ProMaster Legend.

Choosing the Right RAM ProMaster for You

There are many possibilities when it comes to selecting the right Class B camper van. Fortunately, if you have your eye on a RAM ProMaster chassis, you will have plenty of options.

So how do you pick the right one? It’s a good idea to make a list of your must-have features. Creating a list will help you quickly eliminate the models that don’t fit your lifestyle. Think about how your life will look in the future. Will you need a pet-friendly van? Are you looking to start a family and will soon be traveling with a little one? This vehicle is an investment in your future and will bring you many years of great experiences and adventures.

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