How High Is A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van? A Complete Guide

Vans come in a whole bunch of different heights, and they aren’t even the same height in the same brand. When considering buying a new or used van, you usually need to know what the height is of the one that you are considering.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans come in a wide variety of heights. Cargo van exterior heights range from 96.3″ to 111.3″ inches, the passenger models extend from 113.5 to 117.6 inches, and the crew versions start at 107.3 and go up to 111.3 inches.

When you are getting ready to convert a van for that big adventure that you have been anticipating, you will need to know the inside height of the van. That way, you will have the information to plan around if you can stand up to change clothes, cook, or how much room you will have to install shelving for storage space.

Maybe you are a contractor like an electrician or a plumber, and you want to know if you will have ample space to install shelving with bins to store all of the parts you need to make service calls. Businesses need to know the interior height for a multitude of planning purposes.

This post will provide you with the height of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, not just one model but a whole range for you to choose from so you can see just how high they are. Not only will we give you the inside height but the outside height also.

How High is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

The following tables will help you to determine if the Sprinter that you are considering is the right height for you. The first table is for the cargo van lineup from Mercedes-Benz. The cargo van is perfect for when you need a blank slate for starting a van conversion. The roomy rear will provide you with a big area to fill with all of your gear, or if you have a business where you need to haul a lot of cargo, it would be perfect.

Here at Van Camping Life, we strive to bring you all of your available options. The information for the tables I compiled from the Mercedes-Benz website.

Cargo VanWheel BaseEngineRoofDrive TrainExterior HeightInterior Height
1500 Single144"GasStandard4x296.3"67.7"
2500 Single144"Gas/DieselStandard4x296.3"67.7"
170" EXTDieselHigh4x2107.0"79.1"
170" EXTDieselHigh4x4110.5"79.1"
3500 Super Single170"DieselHigh4x2109.1"79.1"
170" EXTDieselHigh4x2108.7"79.1"
3500 Dual Rear Wheel 144"DieselHigh4x2109.1"79.1"
170" EXTDieselHigh4x2108.4"79.1"
3500XD Super Single170"DieselHigh4x2109.1"79.1"
170" EXTDieselHigh4x2108.7"79.1"
3500XD Dual Rear Wheel144"DieselStandard4x297.9"67.7"
170" EXTDieselHigh4x2108.4"79.1"
170" EXTDieselHigh4x4110.6"79.1"
4500 Dual Rear Wheel 144"DieselStandard4x297.8"67.7"
170" EXTDieselHigh4x2108.2"79.1"

Next up is the Sprinter passenger van. The standing height in all of them remains consistent; however, the exterior height varies. This van is perfect for carrying up to 14 people along with you, so if you have a big family or haul kids to ball games, this is the way to go. Another great feature is that the seats are removable, which gives you the benefit of being able to use it for van camping.

Passenger VanWheel BaseEngineRoofDrive TrainExterior HeightInterior Height
1500 Single144"GasHigh4x2114.2"75.5"
2500 Single144"Gas/DieselHigh4x2114.2"75.5"

Last on the list is the Sprinter crew, this van gives you room for five passengers, which makes it convenient when you want to take people along with you. Plus, it gives you a place in the back for all of the extras that you need to take along, whether it is camping gear or all the purchases for that DIY project you have meant to do.

Crew VanWheel BaseEngineRoofDrive TrainExterior HeightInterior Height
2500 Single144"Gas/DieselHigh4x2107.5"76.7"
3500 Super Single170"DieselHigh4x2109.1"76.7"
3500 Dual Rear Wheel144"DieselHigh4x2109.1"76.7"
3500XD Super Single170"DieselHigh4x2109.1"76.7"
3500XD Dual Rear Wheel144"DieselHigh4x2109.1"76.7"
4500 Dual Rear Wheel144"DieselHigh4x2108.9"76.7"

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When you are traveling in areas where high crosswinds are a common occurrence, it can change the way that you van handles. The wind gusts can try to push you out of your lane, and when going under an overpass or beside a large structure, the sudden lack of wind can cause you to overcompensate in the other direction.

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You will have to remember to watch the top of your van clearance when driving up to ATMs, bank teller windows, drive-thru fast-food restaurants, and a variety of other places where you commonly go for drive-thru service.

Furthermore, it is essential if you add things to the top of your Sprinter like ladder racks, racks that you carry surfboards or kayaks, satellite dishes, or other items that will increase your van’s overall height. You will now need to remember that you now have an even higher profile.

One other factor to consider is if you are going to be traveling on rural roads where the trees aren’t keep cut out of the way, they can brush on the top of the van and scratch up your paint and wreak havoc on your solar panels and satellite dish. The higher your van stands, the more you will have to watch out when going under trees to make sure that you clear or stay off the backroads.

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In Conclusion

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is worth taking a second look at for your next van purchase. The variety of multiple roof heights that are available are sure to offer one that will provide just the right headspace that you are looking for, no matter what your needs. The ample room in the cargo van is perfect for those would-be campers to build their dream camper van. I hope this information is super useful when you’re ready to purchase your van.


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