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Are Double-Wall Tents Actually Warmer?

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When it comes to van camping, you can have an additional place to sleep, a more private area to change, and if you pick the right tent, a place that provides protection from the elements as well as nature in general. Double-wall tents have grown in popularity due to many benefits, but are they helpful for keeping you warm?

Are double-wall tents actually warmer? Although double-wall tents come at a higher cost, it is for a good reason. Double-wall tents have an inner layer that acts as the wall of the tent, and the outer layer keeps out wind or rain, which ultimately keeps the tent warmer.

Having the extra layer on your tent is ideal for those who are looking to camp no matter the weather. If you are using your van to camp, a double-wall tent is a great option to use year-round, providing more sleeping options for you and any guests you may take along.

Let’s explore what a double-wall tent is and what one can provide in terms of safety, privacy, and comfort. I also want to point out a few of the advantages and disadvantages of having a double-wall tent.

What Exactly is A Double-wall Tent?

A double-wall tent is pretty self-explanatory. It consists of one wall that acts as the wall of the tent, and it has an additional wall that helps to weatherproof the interior of the tent.

A double-wall tent is a draw to many campers due to its ability to create a warmer and dryer tent space. They are ideal for those who camp with their vehicles to act as an extension of living space or a storage area if needed.

The materials of the tent play a massive role in the quality of the tent. Some double-wall tents use nylon, which is the preferred material as it is thicker and can withstand more. Others may have one of the walls made of mesh, which can create gaps that allow wind or rain to enter. Double-wall tents are usually more substantial and more durable.

The interior wall of a double-wall tent is going to be a more breathable material, but they typically are not classified as waterproof.

The outside of the tent is often called a rainfly, which can be attached in a similar way as the base of the tent, or it can have pole attachments that you can adjust depending on the weather. The rainwater runs off of the wall keeping the condensation levels down on the interior of the tent.

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Are Double-wall Tents Actually Warmer?

Tents are ideal because they can extend the living space that you have while you are van camping. You can use the extra space as a sleeping area, or you can use it as a living or storage area. Double-wall tents are perfect for those who are used to camping in their van for several reasons.

The main reason is that a double-wall tent provides you more protection overall. The interior wall of your tent acts as more of a barrier than a wall. The additional wall on the outside can help keep rain, wind, and hot or cold weather out of your tent better.

If you are camping during cooler months, keeping the wind and cold air out is the number one goal. It creates a warmer and dryer place for you to sleep or store items.

Another benefit of a double-wall tent is that you are going to have more privacy since there are two walls instead of just one. The additional layer makes them great for those who are looking for a place to change clothes, use a portable bathroom, or use it as a sleeping area so that they can store additional items in their van that has more security.

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What are the Advantages of Double-wall Tents?

In addition to keeping you warmer than the average tent, a double-wall tent also provides numerous benefits. The distinct advantage is that you are not limited to when you can camp. Thanks to the rainfly, you can head outdoors in the rain, sun, or even snow. The rainfly helps to keep condensation to a minimum, and it can also stay cooler during summer months as opposed to a single wall tent.

The increased cost that comes along with a double-wall tent is going to provide you with a better quality tent that is going to last you longer than a lower cost tent that you pick up.

You are going to be able to use your tent in more places, and it can act as a comfort that you do not always get with camping.

Most double-wall tents are a decent size. This extra room is great for friends or families who enjoy camping together. If you are van camping, a double-wall tent can give you the option to either sleep in or outside of your van. It also provides you more privacy, which is perfect for those who use portable waste systems or like to use their tent as a changing area.

What are the Disadvantages of a Double-wall Tent?

For most campers, the standout disadvantage is that double-wall tents are going to take up more room in your van that you could be using to store items that you need to bring with you on your camping trip. They also tend to be much larger since you have the extra wall that is the same size or sometimes bigger than the interior wall. There also may be more posts or accessories that the tent needs.

A double-wall tent is going to be more expensive than a single wall tent. If you are not an avid camper or someone who camps in all weather conditions, a double-wall tent may not be worth the extra money. They also tend to be for more than a single camper, which means the space in the tent may just be wasted if you are someone who prefers to camp alone.

Is a Double-wall Tent Right For You?

Camping equipment can be expensive, but a lot of it is necessary if you are looking to create a new hobby or to make sure that you enjoy yourself. For those who are looking to camp year-round, then a double-wall tent is not only worth the initial investment, but it will last much longer, and you will find it to be more comfortable.

The double-wall is not only going to keep you warmer during inclement weather and cooler months, but it is also going to help keep you cooler during the warmer months.

The most significant selling point for most campers who choose a double-wall tent is the ability to use it as a sleeping area that is more comfortable than a standard tent. Still, it also acts as an ideal storage area to keep your items safe and dry.

The flexibility of a double-wall tent is endless, and for those who are van camping, having the extra room can help you feel like you have more living space in the great outdoors. For families who enjoy van camping, it essentially doubles the amount of space so that everyone feels more comfortable.

Summing it All Up

Double-wall tents are convenient to use, easy to set up, and provide an excellent way to camp in the colder months. Most tents have two entrances and pop-up ventilation windows, allowing you to get a breeze and to help reduce condensation inside the tent.

These tents are strong, durable, and lightweight. They will provide more space when you are van camping and superior protection from the elements no matter what the season.

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