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What Is the Best Disintegrating Toilet Paper?

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When you are camping out in a van, there are certain rules you need to follow. The most significant rule of all is to respect nature, and that includes not leaving a mess when you hit the bathroom. Getting the right toilet paper (the disintegrating type) is one of the best ways to make sure you do not leave anything behind.

What is the best disintegrating toilet paper? Several popular brands on the market have been called the best in the category. If you are looking to stock up, any of these brands will do the job:

  1. Coghlan’s Camping Toilet Paper
  2. Scott 1,000
  3. Angel Soft
  4. Scott Rapid-Dissolve
  5. Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

Are you planning to take a trip to the great outdoors? If so, you are going to need to stock up on some camping essentials, toilet paper included. Yeah, I know toilet paper isn’t exactly on the top of the camping list, but it is a must-have when finishing the job up.

Read on to find out why you need toilet paper that disintegrates well, is camping friendly and ply options. Don’t worry. We have you covered with a complete guide to camping-friendly toilet paper.

What Is the Best Disintegrating Toilet Paper?

When you are choosing a toilet paper for your camping purposes, there are a couple of ways to find a good roll in terms of fast disintegration. You can look for “camping toilet paper,” or you can search for toilet paper that’s “plumbing-friendly.”

Toilet paper that is deemed to be plumbing-friendly is considered to be beneficial to plumbing systems because it disintegrates quickly. Since it dissolves fast in the water, natural rainwater and dampness will often be enough to get the breakdown process started in forest settings as well.

To find top brands, we searched out groups that studied how fast toilet paper disintegrates and also took a look at the ratings buyers gave for specific rolls. Here is what we found.

Why Use Disintegrating Toilet Paper?

There are a few simple reasons why you would want to use disintegrating toilet paper in a camping setting, including:

  • Less Mess. Campers should always strive to leave as little behind as possible. It is an act of kindness to both the environment and the campers who come after you.
  • Easier on RV Holding Tanks. If you are using an RV, you need to use toilet paper that is going to dissolve easily. Having toilet paper that is easy on the system avoids potential problems.
  • High Biodegradability. If you intend to use the bathroom using a cathole in the ground, you will be happy to know that burying easy-dissolve paper will break down faster, but just remember to bury it at least 6 inches deep.

A Quick Note About Easy-Dissolving Toilet Paper

All the brands on the upcoming list have some things in common, regardless of whether it is labeled as “plumbing-friendly” or camping toilet paper. The paper rolls below are all 2-ply or 1-ply brands. Studies show that single-ply toilet paper dissolves the fastest.

A 2-ply paper will dissolve more slowly. However, we understand the need for comfort, so we made a point of adding some 2-ply options for campers who are sensitive back there.

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How Affordable Is Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper is generally affordable, and this is also true of rapid-dissolving toilet paper. In fact, many picks on this list, including Scott 1,000, are notorious for being low priced. Still, specialized toilet paper designed for RV use or camping use will be slightly more expensive.

If you’re concerned about the cost of the following toilet papers, opt for the least expensive or buy a single roll at the store. You will not need much TP for a typical night camping out.

Our Picks

If you are looking to shop for some toilet paper before your big trip, you are in luck. We did the research to make sure that you got the best toilet paper on the market. Here is what we found.

Coghlan’s Camping Toilet Paper

If you’re looking to get something that’s made for camping purposes and still disintegrates rapidly, then you can’t go wrong with Coghlan’s. This toilet paper comes in specialized rolls that are backpack friendly.

Once used, Coghlan’s quickly biodegrades into the soil, helping turn your “waste” into a natural form of mulch. That is why campers have been such huge fans of the stuff, and why it is a well-known name in camping toilet goods. Do not take my word for it; check out its high ratings as a testament to its quality.

Scott 1,000

Most people recognize this toilet paper as one of the most widely used 1-ply toilet paper rolls in America. For what it is worth, this highly affordable toilet paper does not feel too rough and will get the job done.

According to a study done by Family Handyman, Scott 1,000 was the toilet paper roll that dissolved the fastest during a flush. Considering how thin the material is, it is easy to see why it is considered to be one of the most “plumbing friendly.”

Angel Soft

Not a big fan of 1-ply tissue paper? It is understandable. Even when you are camping, there is something to be said about creature comfort. There’s a 2-ply option that got an excellent rating from Family Handyman as well, and it’s also available at your local supermarket.

Angel Soft’s basic brand is excellent for people who want something that will disintegrate quickly but also still give them a little comfort.

Scott Rapid-Dissolve

Scott makes a toilet paper specifically designed for RV and boat use. This paper is specially made to be as dissolvable as possible without leaving residue on your behind.

Anyone who wants to keep things lightweight and easy-to-dissolve should consider getting a four-pack of Scott Rapid-Dissolve. It will be more than enough to meet your needs on a weekend getaway.

Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

Believe it or not, there are a couple of companies that focus primarily on manufacturing camping-ready toilet paper. Firebelly Outfitters is one of the highest-rated toilet paper companies when it comes to rapid-dissolving paper.

Their RV toilet paper is an excellent pick for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors without making a mess or stressing out their RV’s plumbing system. This paper might be a little pricier than most other offerings on this list, but when you look at its high ratings, it is safe to say it is a good investment.

Coleman Camper’s Toilet Paper

If you’re anxious about having problems leaving a mess or want to rough it with minimal carrying issues, you might want to try Coleman Camper’s toilet paper. Along with being remarkably fast-dissolving and biodegradable, this paper comes in small, easy to carry bundles.

In terms of body comfort, Coleman Camper’s has earned some seriously positive reviews. That is a significant feat, considering how hard it is to make a 2-ply paper feel gentle. Needless to say, this brand is a top seller that is worth checking out.

End of the Roll

All of the toilet papers on our list will adequately meet your needs while camping and have exceptional disintegration qualities.

When it comes to getting good disintegrating toilet paper, the critical thing to look for is the number of plies and intended purpose. As long as you actively seek out low-ply toilet paper, you should be able to find a brand that you like.

There are plenty of toilet paper brands in grocery stores that meet the qualifications for high quality, fast-dissolving toilet paper. Most camping toilet paper brands will be single-ply and give you the cleanliness that you need without being difficult on RV plumbing or the environment.

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