About Don

I grew up on a farm in the North Central Mountains of Pennsylvania, an excellent area for exploring the forests and rivers that encompass the region. It’s a sparsely populated area within the Susquehannock State Forest that has approximately 265,000 acres. My first camping experience was when I was ten years old, my older brother and I found a reasonably flat spot halfway up the mountain and built a lean-to shelter.

We stood two poles upright and then fastened another pole horizontal between the two, then we leaned additional poles from the horizontal pole to the ground at a forty-five-degree angle. Lastly, we covered the slanted poles with hemlock boughs to create the roof.

For a ten-year-old, it was a thing of beauty, however apparently not very sturdy. Shortly after completion, I caught my foot on a nub of a limb on one of the upright poles, and the whole thing collapsed.

My early years exploring the area is what developed into my motivation for traveling and seeing new places, especially with my wife. When van camping, I tend to be attracted to locations that are less traveled and off the beaten path, those hidden gems just waiting for discovery.

I prefer the southwestern part of the USA with its mountains, high plateaus, deserts, and red rock vistas.
However, I still enjoy visiting the countless beautiful and dramatic places that abound across the country. Each state has its unique places to discover whether they are natural wonders or man-made structures.

Favorite Things:

  • Car: 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air
  • Colors: Blue & Green
  • Food: Any Pasta Dish
  • Movie Genre: Science Fiction
  • Natural Wonder: Grand Canyon
  • Olympic Sport: Downhill Skiing
  • Outdoor Smell: Milkweed And Fall Leaves
  • Part Of US: Southwest

To Do List:

  • Dig For Geodes
  • Drive The Pacific Coast Highway
  • Fly A Powered Parachute
  • Fly Fish Montana
  • Grand Canyon Mule Ride
  • Haleakala Bike Ride, HI
  • Horseback Ride The Rockies
  • International Balloon Fiesta, NM
  • Learn To Speak Spanish
  • Mississippi Paddle Boat Ride
  • Visit Desert Botanical Garden, AZ
  • Whale Watch, Juneau AK