Man on ladder in garage

Can A Sprinter Van Fit In A Garage?

There’s a lot to love about Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. Not only do they offer optional four-wheel drive and “super-high” 7.5 feet of interior space, but the price of the base model is relatively affordable. They … Read more

White Mercedes-Benz van

How Long Do Sprinter Vans Last?

Buying a Sprinter van is an excellent choice if you want a vehicle that can last well into the future. They’re great for road trips, van conversions, moving from house to house, businesses and more. … Read more

Motorhomes at RV park

Do RV Parks Allow Vans?

Whether you’re committing to a full life on the road or you simply want to enjoy road trips, knowing where you can and cannot stay is a huge part of the planning process. Scenery, safety, … Read more

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What Is An Inverter In A Camper Van?

When van camping, have you ever wished that you could run a TV, computer, game console or AC unit while in remote areas that have no convenient source of power? It’s lonely and hot out … Read more